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Attractions Jesolo

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Italy’s Number 1 Water Park
Golf Club Jesolo
A green oasis for fun at Jesolo
New Jesolandia
The amusement park theme at Jesolo

Jesolo, a town rich of entertainment

15 km of golden beaches and trendy bars


In Jesolo, the day starts early with over 15 km of waterfront and beaches where alternate modern bathing establishments, which offer services other than the usual such as whirlpool, outdoor gyms, massages, wi-fi for customers and more, for a more complete stay at Jesolo.

In the late afternoon, the beaches are filled with young people and are transformed into true local fashion and stylish, with happy hour and good music.

In the evening, after tanning, it's time to choose where to dine in the many pubs or restaurants or pizzerias features of Jesolo and the day never ends for those who decide of travel and spend the night in nightclubs or on the most popular premises seafront Jesolo.

Attractions Jesolo

discover the fun

Sea Life
Meet extraordinary sea creatures
Shark Expo
Show thematic of sharks
Excursions with the galleons of the Serenissima

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